My mother loved my ice blue coloured Named Talvikki Sweater and she asked me if I could also make the sweater for her. I started looking for fabric while in Antwerp and found a beautiful light grey Ponte di Roma with a black swirl design. This Named Talvikki sweater third version is made in size 40/42.

Named Talvikki sweater third version

Preparing the Named Talvikki sweater third version

I also made some pattern alterations before I could start cutting the version for my mother. The sleeves are made a little bit narrower and shorter as well so my mother doesn’t have to roll them up. The sleeves are about 4,5 cm less wider then the originals and therefore both armholes are also redrafted to fit the new cap sleeve. The vents are also a little bit shorter. I stitched the whole sweater with flat seams and therefore I redrafted the added seam allowances to turn them into 1.5 cm instead of the 1.0 cm that was already coming with the pattern.

Named Talvikki sweater third version

Named Talvikki sweater third version – stitching the Ponte di Roma

Ponte di Roma is a beautiful fabric that’s easy to sew. It doesn’t fray and it keeps his shape while cutting and sewing. The stretch is just enough to have enough room to pull the sweater on. This Ponte di Roma has about 5 % spandex and has the same stretch as my light blue tricot fabric with the wadding. The finishing of the seams is done with my serger. I used black and grey yarn to get a nice two coloured effect. The sweater is sewn together with my coverstitch machine and just like my first make I made mitered corners. A mitered corner gives a beautiful finish and also makes the corners less bulky then the finishing method that comes with the sewing instructions. The seams are finished with a one needle coverstitch. This gives the finished sweater a more stylish finish then the sporty, casual looking two needle coverstitch.

Named Talvikki sweater third version

The end result of the Named Talvikki sweater third version

It’s always a bit of gamble when you buy fabric for someone else without conferring. You have an idea about someone’s taste, the colour that’s needed for the project and the other garments in that persons wardrobe. I showed my mother what I had bought for her and she loved the fabric and now the sweater is finished she is really happy with her version of the Named Talvikki Sweater. The fabric feels soft on her skin, drops beautiful and is light weighted enough for her.

Named Talvikki sweater third version

Time and Costs

Time: pattern alterations 30 minutes, cutting 30 minutes, sewing 5 hours
Costs: fabric € 15,00, yarn € 3,50, interfacing € 1,00

4 Comments on Named Talvikki sweater third version

  1. What a lovely version of the Talvikki. When you did the single needle coverstitch did you just get a chain stitch? I would have loved a close up. I’ve done a bit of chainstitching and really like it.

    • Thank you so much Sue. The single needle coverstitch has indeed a chain stitch at the back. I’ll send you a pm with some close-op pictures this weekend so you can see the finish at the back.

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