I told in my Day&Night Dress challenge 2018 post about having a pattern for my coffee date dress. Sadly the toile was a nightmare. Wrong pattern, no suitable fabric, a combination of both or just not my pattern? I’ve no idea. Time was not on my sight so perhaps making a Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric choice for my toffe date dress would be an idea to help me out. The fabric for my coffee date dress came from stash. I made a sketch last Friday according to my ‘the different sides of a fabric’ theme. This is the rough sketch. Horizontal and vertical lines are dividing the dress into two parts and giving the dress an asymmetrical look.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric

Pattern for the Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric

Step 1 let to Step 2 namely drafting a pattern. A simply T-shirt dress was the best option without darts. I drafted last December a new pattern to make four new basic T-shirts. This pattern would be the base for my coffee date jurk. A few small alterations later and my pattern was ready. The next step was the width of both dress parts. I found a good balance after a few attempts and started drafting the final pattern. Next challenge was to find out if I had enough fabric and it wasn’t. I couldn’t get one vertical pattern piece out of my fabric.

Day&Night Dress uitdaging 2018 stofkeuze

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric and buying more fabric

I saw the striped fabric last year on one of the fabric markets but decided not to buy it. That happened a few weeks later at Jan Sikkes in Haarlem so I visited the next day this shop to see if the fabric was still available. Lucky me and with a piece of 30 centimeters I had enough fabric for my coffee date dress. Who can leave a fabric shop without taking a look around. Not me and lucky I did because I also found a fabric for my cocktail dress. Perfect fitting in my ‘the different sides of a fabric’ theme. Without having a pattern I bought enough to have some options and while cycling back home some ideas started running in my head.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric

This Laurence dress from the Veritas 125th anniversary magazine had caught my eye. This dress is inspired on 60’s of the last century. The dress has a raglan sleeve and a high neckline collar. Raglan sleeves never suits me and I didn’t wanted a high neckline collar in my cocktail dress. I started making a sketch using the idea of the curved lines and used the same T-shirt dress pattern to draft the final pattern.

Day&Night Dress uitdaging 2018 stofkeuze

Time to start cutting and sewing. Both dresses need to be finished before February 20th, pictures taken and blogpost written.
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4 Comments on Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018 fabric

  1. I love that striped fabric. I saw something similar on the pattern envelope for my Designin’ December dress but I couldn’t find any striped fabric for it. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expected – sometimes they turn out BETTER! I am madly sewing my Day and Night dresses. I hope I make out ok! Good luck with your sewing!

    • Thank you so much. I had exceptions when I started making my toile for my coffee dress but it didn’t had the look I was after. Looking forward to your makes.

    • Thank you so much Sue. My coffee dress is finished and needs a final press. The cocktail dress has been cut out. I start with basting and fitting tonight. So curious to see if my ‘fabric playing’ will work.

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