My mother saw my Named Talvikki sweater and she asked me if I could make one for her. She first wanted a black one but when she saw my second version of the Talvikki sweater she told me she preferred a grey grey melee one too. I visited Belgium this week and Antwerp was on my list as well and had about three hours left to do something else. I decided to use it for fabric shopping and I found some addresses on the internet. The Belgium Let(s) Stick Together Facebook group gave me some advices too.

drie uur stoffen shoppen Antwerpen

first three fabric shops of the three hours fabric shopping Antwerp list

I had a list with five fabric shops but I also wanted to visit a Veritas shop and at least one news agents’ shop. The time was short and the walk was long starting in the Leysstraat. First stop was the Korte Nieuwstraat for Stoffen Pauwels. The shop was gone or moved to another address. The next two on my list were Petit Pan and Julija’s Shop both in the Nationalestraat. Petit Pan was the nearest by and also this shop was gone or moved. Julija’s is a shop I can recommended. They have beautiful fabrics but sadly not the one I was looking for. Walking back to the Meir I came across a Veritas shop.

drie uur stoffen shoppen Antwerpen

Veritas shop in the Nationalestraat

This shop sells besides Veritas magazines also books, LMV magazines, sewing patterns, fabrics, haberdashery and wool. Besides the Veritas anniversary edition they also sell previous editions as well. I looked at several magazines and decided to buy the anniversary edition. Despite the beautiful fabric collections they didn’t had a suitable fabric for my mother.

drie uur stoffen shoppen Antwerpen

a sweet break

The Chocolate Line is a chocolate boutique that can be found in the Meir. Going to Belgium and not taking chocolate back home is almost impossible. I had to go inside to buy a few chocolates and also decided to buy a few for my mother as well as a surprise.

drie uur stoffen shoppen Antwerpen

the last two fabric shops on the three hours fabric shopping Antwerp list

The last two fabric shops were at other side of Antwerp. I passed the train station and had to walk along the Carnotstraat first. This street is longer then I thought but I finally came in the Turnhoutsebaan for Moens. I found in this shop the fabric for my mother but also bought a fabric for a sweater and another fabric for a project that I’ll be making at the end of this year. Time to go back to my starting point. It was already getting dark but I had found what I was looking for. Another recommended shop was Stunt. Stunt can also be found at the Turnhoutsebaan. I passed it while I was on my way to Moens but hadn’t seen it then and decided to take a look in this shop. Stunt is a mecca for all those who are looking for great haberdashery and buttons.

7 Comments on three hours fabric shopping Antwerp

    • O wat leuk. Wat is het toch een mooi station. Iedere keer als ik in Antwerpen en ik heb er tijd voor loop ik er even binnen. De zichtlijn met de Meir, Leystraat en Keyserlei is ook zo mooi.

    • When I’ve made up my mind it’s hard to change it. Antwerp is a beautiful city and a pleasure to walk. Next week I’ll start sewing the sweater for my mother.

  1. No wonder you are so thin! All that walking would wear me out since it sounded far! Glad you finally found your fabric though!

    • LOL. You’ve a point Diane. The distance between two points in The Netherlands and Belgium isn’t always far. I had walked about 6.0 km which isn’t that far in the three hours. I’m showing my mother today the fabric and I hope she like it.

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