I wrote in my Round-up Bucket list 2017 that I was looking for another challenging bucket list 2018. On Instagram some sewists shared their #2018makenine sewing plans. I decided not to take part in this challenge because I find it hard to make at the beginning of a year sewing plans with patterns to use them throughout a year. Flaflinko came up with an idea that suited me more. She suggested to have a monthly sewing or blog related intention. My first idea was to let my monthly intention start with the first letter of that month.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

The list looked like this but I decided to make some changes. The blogpost about the price ticket for homemade clothes and the given comments gave me some new ideas for my monthly sewing plans 2018.

making the definite monthly sewing plans 2018

It’s just like when you start with a new sewing project. You must at some point cut the fabric. I had a deadline. My blog post about my monthly sewing plans 2018 had to be ready at January 8th and while I was away from home during the first week of January I made my definitive list.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

Winter and the monthly sewing plans 2018

January will be unselfish sewing month. I make a complete baby outfit in size 56 for Stitching Creatief voor Babyspulletjes and a chemo hat, a keychain and bag for Stitching BriBos. I never made potholders so a set of potholders in February because our kitchen is now fresh and clean again. The last month of the winter I’ll be making a poloshirt for my husband. The fabric comes from my stash and this will be also the first time I make a poloshirt.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

Spring and the monthly sewing plans 2018

Our youngest daughter recently bought a new camera gekocht and promessed me to take photo’s so in April I’ve at least one blog post with great photo’s. Mothers day in May perfect moment to make something for my mother. June and it’s already getting a bit warmer so time to start make something bright for sunny days.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

Summer and the monthly sewing plans 2018

I still have some jeans laying around so July is reserved for jeans. Time for holidays plans in August. I’ve still some floral fabric in my stash. Time to take them out and make some clothes to take with me in the suitcase. September and the days are becoming already a bit shorter and evenings longer. Temperatures are dropping in the evening. Sometimes it’s sweater weather. I’ll be making a sweater using leftover fabrics.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

Autumn and the monthly sewing plans 2018

Time flies. Time for the last three monthly sewing plans 2018. I’ll be using an interesting looking sewing pattern from my stash. My robe is totally worn down and will be replaced in November. I’ve this wreath for more then two years in my closet with all kind fabric scraps. December is homemade Christmas decorations time.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018

The kickoff

I’ve already cut some of the baby clothes and will start sewing probably tomorrow. Curious to see what I made and will be making this year from month to month? You can start following me by clicking below or take a newsletter subscription.

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    • Thank you so much Sue. It’s a bit of fun and some items on the list needs to be done because I wanted do to make them last year or even the year before.

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