This year my bucket list is filled with monthly sewing or blog related intentions. My January sewing goal was unselfish sewing month. I said I would make a complete baby outfit in size 56 for Stitching Creatief voor Babyspulletjes and a chemo hat, a keychain and bag for Stitching BriBos. Time to reveal my makes in this monthly sewing plans 2018 January update blogpost.

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update – baby outfit

I started with looking for some matching fabric for the off-white jersey fabric with the small hedgehog print. The French terry with a star print and the waffle print looked great and would be used for the pants and bibs. The pants were done first. I made a pattern of this light blue baby outfit.

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update

This baby outfit was made while I was pregnant of our eldest daughter and was found a few months ago while I was clearing out. Next make was the T-shirt using this pattern for a small T-shirt and the baby hat. Both free patterns were found on internet. Bibs are always great so I made two. On the table were some scraps left and I wanted to use them as well. After a good night sleep I came up with the idea to make a lovey. This lovey is basically a square with some coloured ribbons.

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update – stichting Bribos

Stichting Bribos is an initiative from Brigitte Bosman. I heard of this organisation after a Facebook appeal to make a few bags for stichting Bribos. I contacted them afterwards because I wanted to know if they wanted more bags or if it was an one-off occasion.

maandelijkse zelfmaak voornemens 2018 Januari update

The answer was yes but they also asked me if I could make chemo hats and keychains. I decided to make a three piece set. The bag is made of this free Japanese knot bag pattern and the chemo hat is also made of a free pattern. This keychain can be used to hold a lip bam or a small tube container sun protection lotion. It’s made of a small piece of thin jeans fabric to give it a cool look.

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update – what’s next

The baby outfit was fun but also something that wasn’t always easy to sew. The baby T-shirt was a challenge due do the small pattern parts and also the finishing of the pants asked for patience as well. My three piece set for Bribos will soon be going to the Hague. I’ll bring it myself so I can hear if this is something that useable. Next month I’ll have potholders on my list. Time to start looking for some suitable fabric.

monthly sewing plans 2018 January update

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    • Thank you so much Naomi. The hat was surprisingly easy to make. This baby outfit is my second make for the baby charity organisation.

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