Dresses are a major challenge for me. You only have to take a look at my Christmas party outfit for the ‘Designin December 2017’ entry to see that it’s far from looking like a dress. Casual and comfortabel to wear during Boxing day and the following days between Christmas and New Year. And yet I decided to take be one of the crew members again for the second time Day&Night Dress Challenge run by Elizabeth. I wear dresses on occasions like dinner parties, receptions, birthday parties or weddings. Two new dresses at the beginning of 2018 doesn’t sound that bad and I’ve two more to choose from. This year dress theme is coffee&cocktail.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018

Pattern choice for the Day&Night Dress Challenge

I made two dressed last from the same pattern. A sweater dress and a more fitted LBD using the RDC robe Ludivine pattern. This year I wel be using two different sewing patterns. I’ve found my pattern for the coffee dress. I’m still looking for a pattern for the cocktail dress. The first step will be making a toile for my coffee dress to see how it fits.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018

Fabrics for the Day&Night Dress Challenge

I can’t show you both fabrics because I’ve not found yet. I’ve a fabric theme in my head. It’s called ‘two different sides of a fabric’. I know what I want and only need to find fabric fitting this idea. I’ve already found some fabrics on the internet but I want to look a little bit more to see if I can something else. When I’ve made my fabric choice the rest will follow.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018

Dresses and me

You’re perhaps wondering what’s wrong with a dress and why I hardly wear them. I’m a cyclist. Sitting on a bicycle wearing a dress feels very unpleasant for me. Jeans are much comfortable and in combination with a blouse, T-shirt, Chanel style jacket, cropped cardigan or a sweater I’ve the perfect outfit. I also find a two-piece outfit the best look for my body type.

Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018

the Day&Night Dress Challenge community challenge

You can take part in the Day&Night Dress Challenge too. You can win some amazing prizes. Wat to know more? Just read Elizabeth her blogpost about  the Day&Night Dress Challenge community challenge, the Coffee&Cocktail Dress challenge crew and see all the beautiful prices from the sponsors. I’ll be writing each week a new blogpost with more news about this challenge and an update about my two dresses. you do not want to miss anything? Start follow my blog or take a newsletter subscription. And if you decide to take part in the Day&Night Dress Challenge: good luck.

Day&Night Dress uitdaging 2018

11 Comments on Day&Night Dress Challenge 2018

  1. I love the red dress, although I can understand the problem with cycling in it! I have just told Elizabeth I’m in on this Challenge too – I like dresses, but I don’t make many! Good luck to you!

    • Thank you so much. The red dress is still one of my favourites. Looking forward to your makes and good luck with the challenge.

  2. You look amazing in your red dress! Too bad they are hard to cycle in! I hope to join in making my coffee and cocktail dresses.

    • Thank you so much Diane. The red dress is still one of my favourites. Looking forward to both your dresses when you decide to join the challenge.

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