I’m a big fan of T-shirts. Comfortable to wear under a sweater but also in combination with a jacket or cardigan. I love wearing them because T-shirts are made of jersey fabric and stretch unlike blouses. You must’t think I’ve a lot T-shirts on my shelves. I’ve ten and some are bought and some are homemade. Sadly some of them were worn and faded. Time to replace them. I first looked in my stash to find some fabric and found some beautiful soft light grey jersey. I bought the second fabric in Leiden so I was ready to start maken my two new homemade basic T-shirts.

Two new homemade basic T-shirts


Our eldest and I went to Leiden to visit Hudson Bay. We had heard a few story’s and decided to take a look for our selves. Hudson Bay is situated in an old V&D warehouse and has beautiful resorted. The old V&D warehouse in Haarlem is now also in restoration to become a Hudson Bay store as well. We were curious to see what was coming to us.

Two new homemade basic T-shirts

The second fabric for two new homemade basic T-shirts

I know two fabric shops in Leiden and this fabric was bought at Stik ’n Stof. Stik ’n Stof is on the other side of street just opposite Hudson Bay. The fabric for this male T-shirt also came from this shop. They also sell Chat Chocolat fabrics but also Merchant & Mills haberdashery. The second shop is Het Holland Stoffenhuis. I doubted between a dark blue Chat Chocolat jersey with stars and a light grey jersey with coloured sparkles. The light grey jersey with coloured sparkles became the winner.

Twee nieuwe zelfgemaakte basic T-shirts

The pattern for the two new homemade basic T-shirts

You all have been able to read it. I didn’t find the magazine. In this magazine was also my sewing pattern for a basic T-shirt. I could buy a new pattern but I decided to draft one for a basic T-shirt. You always change something on a commercial pattern to get a better fit and drafting a basic T-shirt isn’t so hard to do. After one hour I was satisfied with the drafted pattern.

Two new homemade basic T-shirts

Sewing the two new homemade basic T-shirts together

I decided to make the light grey one first so I could see if I had the fit I was looking for. Number 1 had a perfect fit so number wo was cut as well en sewed together. A few our later, some final hand sewing and two new homemade basic T-shirts were finished.
If you take a good look at my ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit you can see that I’m wearing the light grey T-shirt. I was wearing the second T-shirt under one of my Chanel jacket at an informal business Christmas party.

Two new homemade basic T-shirts

Costs and Time

T-shirt number 1: Fabric € 9,95 Yarn € 2,00
T-shirt number 2: Fabric € 12,00 Yarn € 2,00
Pattern drafting 1 hour
T-shirt number 1: Cutting 30 minutes; Basting, sewing and finishing 3 hours
T-shirt number 2: Cutting 30 minutes; Basting, sewing and finishing 3 hours

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    • Thank you so much Caroline. T-shirts are probably the easiest thing to make but I always find the neckline the hardest part.

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