After making the first two basic T-shirts I decided to make two more basic T-shirts. Someone gave me a black/white striped jersey fabric because she knows I love wearing black/white clothes. I also knew there had to be a small striped black/white jersey fabric in my stash. After a quick look this fabric was found too. I could make a start with my second serie homemade basic T-shirts.

Second serie homemade basic T-shirts

First step

I started with cutting both fabrics and threading my serger with black and white yarn. Using two or more different yarn colours can give an interesting looking finish. But when I wanted to start with the small striped fabric the fabric wasn’t black/white but darkblue/white. I was a little bit disappointment because I could see the small striped black/white fabric really working with my new black/white jeans.

Tweede serie zelfgemaakte basic T-shirts

The next step

One can throw in the towel, mourn and keep looking at it but the darkblue/white would never change into black/white. But then I saw that the small striped darkblue/white had a great match with a regular blue jeans. Problem solved. I started with the black/white fabric because the serger already was already threaded with the black and white yarn. After finishing this T-shirt I replaced the black into blue and made the second one.

Second serie homemade basic T-shirts

Second serie homemade basic T-shirts followed by a third?

Is this pattern a wardrobe staple for me? I came across this term on blogs written in English. One really likes a pattern and often let the readers know that there will be following many more makes of the pattern. A T-shirt pattern with a good fit is great to have. I’ve already made four and I’m happy with my makes but have no intention to make a few more in the upcoming weeks. I’ll put my pattern this time in my drawer so I can easily find it back when ever I need it again in the future.

Second serie homemade basic T-shirts

Alternative for drafting a pattern

Of course there’s an alternative for drafting a pattern. One can copy an existing T-shirt. One of the cons using an already worn T-shirt is that it can have lost its original fit and shape. One will probably end with a pattern that needs more alterations after making a test model.

Second serie homemade basic T-shirts

Costs and Time

T-shirt number 1: Fabric was a gift, Yarn € 2,00
T-shirt number 2: Fabric € 15,00, Yarn € 2,00
T-shirt number 1: Cutting 30 minutes; Basting, stitching and finishing 3 hours
T-shirt number 2: Cutting 30 minutes; Basting, stitching and finishing 3 hours

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  1. You can never have too many of this style of t- shirt as they are wonderful on their own and also great for layering. Love them both!

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