The announcement of this edition of the ‘Designin December’ challenge was done a few weeks ago. ‘Designin December’ is all about finding a designer original garment and make your designer me-made copy. I decided to make a two-piece part outfit suitable for Boxing Day and the days towards New Year. So here is my Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit story.

Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

Fabric and ideas for the homemade two-piece party outfit

Both fabric for the cardigan came from a fabric swap. Liesje and I know each order from a sewing group. We organized a fabric swap a few months ago. Liesje used both fabrics for a Grainline Studio Linden sweater and had some large leftovers. She picked a fabric from my stash and the swapdeal was done. I started with looking on the internet to find a designers garment. I’m a huge fan of Chanel but I decided to go for another designer. I found a beautiful Valentino cardigan with a lace front. It looked perfect due to the fact it also had a kind of ‘Chanel feeling’ and while I was looking round a little bit further I saw a black and white Michael Kors jeans. I had a zebra print fabric in my stash and I was ready to start.

Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

Patterns for the homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

I used the LMV Bloom sweater pattern to make my cardigan. The shoulder seam is made a little longer just like the armpit. I made the Michael Kors copy from my TNT jeans pattern. Trying to lay the pattern of the cardigan on the pieces of leftover fabrics was time consuming but after a while I found the best lay-out. The jeans was easy peasy. One of the great advantages of using a TNT pattern.

Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

Stitching the homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit together

I came a while ago across a link on IG shared by Elizabeth Made This. She made the ITC Lissabon cardigan in less then one hour. Everyone who reads my blogposts might have noticed that I always share time to make a homemade item. While stitching the cardigan a stopwatch would be my companion just like Elizabeth did. I locked my seams and when I was finished Elizabeth was almost already with her cardigan. Basting, flat seams, inserting sleeves, making slits, decorative topstitching and sewing snaps by hand are time consumers but give a great looking end result. The jeans has some great looking topstitching as well.

Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

Other combinations with my Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

I always think carefully about my makes. It must fit in my wardrobe plans. The Named Talvikki sweater is also part of my December outfit. Two jeans, some sweaters, a couple of t-shirts and this cardigan are hanging in my wardrobe together. We visit friends and family and it’s great to pick an outfit easy without looking further and having a great looking combination.

Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

Time and Costs

Time for the cardigan: LMV Bloom sweater pattern alterations 45 minutes; finding the best pattern lay-out, tracing and cutting 60 minutes; sewing almost 5 hours; sewing snaps by hand 2 hours
Time for the jeans: cutting 45 minutes, stitching 9 hours
Costs for the cardigan: fabric came from a swap, yarn € 3,00, snaps € 1,60
Costs for the jeans: fabric for the jeans € 25,00, fabric for the pockets € 2,50, yarn € 5,00, interfacing € 0,50, button € 0,60

12 Comments on Homemade two-piece ‘Designin December’ 2017 party outfit

  1. Another great post! I loved this outfit. Even better than the originals! I especially loved how you analyzed your RTW and home made price in your more recent post!

    • Thank you so much. I love making them and loved the outfit on Boxing day. Great looking, comfortable, casual and easy wear.

  2. Such a neat and precise outfit. I love that your top and bottom fabrics are so different in the the nature of their patterns and yet look so good together.

    • Thank you so much. You’re right that the fabrics of both pieces are different but at the end they look good together. When I started and matched the fabrics together I was in doubt but when the two pieces were finished and I had the same reaction.

    • Dank je wel. Ik heb er een gecombineerde uitdaging van gemaakt. Het was weer erg leuk om te doen en ik hoop volgend jaar een oplossing te vinden voor de eerste keuze.

    • Thank you so much Sue. I’m preparing a two language blog. So in the meantime there will be two blogposts in each language.

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