Christmas is less then two weeks away and many of you are already making their party outfits or probably have finished it. I usually wear a jeans with a cardigan or jacket because someone has to to he cooking. I’ve my party outfit already finished but it’s part of the Let’s Sti(c)k Together blogtour. This blogtour is scheduled for next week and therefore I show my Black-White boucle short cardigan today. This cardigan was a lucky found and also a perfect match with my party outfit.

Black-White boucle short cardigan

Fabric and Pattern for the Black-White boucle short cardigan

I was looking for a pattern that I wanted to use when I came across this unfinished cardigan. It was already cut but I don’t know why it wasn’t sewed together. The cardigan has two different fabrics. A stretch boucle for the body and sleeves. And a stretchy shinny fabric for the hem-band, sleeve-bands, neckline binding and center front bindings. I think I’ve used a T-shirt pattern that was cut with some more ease.

Black-White boucle short cardigan

Sewing together

Stitching simple designed cardigans together isn’t rocket science. I’ve to confess that I prefer to make flat seams and setting the sleeves in after sewing the shoulder seams and side seams. In my opinion it’s more comfortabele to wear and it also looks better. Sewing the stretch hem bands and binding on the cardigan is something that must be done with some care to get no rippling effect. I always baste so I can see for almost 100% what the end result will be. The binding to finish the neckline and the center front are stitched on the right side of the cardigan first and then hand sewn on the back. I tried machine stitching first but the result was very stiff.

Black-White boucle short cardigan

Time and Costs

Time: cutting was alrsy done, sewing and finishing 6 hours
Costs: I can’t remember what I paid for both fabrics, yarn € 2,50

Black-White boucle short cardigan

Combinaties with the Black-White boucle short cardigan

I sadly can’t show my new Black-White boucle short cardigan in combination with my party outfit but it looks great on this jeans as well. The cardigan feels soft and is also warm although the fabrics are light weighted. I’m thinking of some new T-shirts. Recently some left my wardrobe so I need to make some new. Looking forward to see my party outfit? Everybody who’s taking part in Let’s Sti(c)k Together Christmas edition will show Monday December 16th the party outfit. You don’t wan’t miss it? Just start following by email description or via WordPress.

8 Comments on Black-White boucle short cardigan

  1. I love the contrast on this one Sonja! How nice to find a pattern already cut! Those are wonderful projects to come back to especially after a huge complicated project that’s taken up a lot of mental space.

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth for your compliment. This already cut cardigan was a hidden treasure and I really can’t remember when I started cutting it.

  2. Yes, definitely looking forward to your party outfit! Your cardigan is lovely and I think I’ve suddenly found a need for a sparkly cardigan!

  3. What a great cardigan! Bonus that is was already cut and waiting! The color will go with so many things and the shiny trim is so fun!

  4. UWYH zeer goed geslaagd. Volgens mij heb je er een heel draagbaar vestje bij. Één vraagje: gebruikte je nep-leer band?
    Veel draagplezier. Goede feestdagen toegewenst.

    • Dank je wel Marry. Ook voor jou en je dierbaren goede feestdagen. De afwerkingstroken zijn gemaakt van een glimmende stevige jersey stof en zijn op de diverse lengtes en breedtes geknipt.

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