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Homemade classic shirt dress

Shirt dresses are great to wear and can easily be transformed from a work outfit with a belt into a more casual wear just by changing your shoes and no belt. Shirt dresses look great with the button front, collar or collarless, front pocket, high/low hem. There are so many great styles around. I used a medium weight grey cotton to make my Homemade classic shirt dress. A mens dress shirt is most likely to be made a of this type of fabric. I had some ideas and details in my head that I wanted to use for my Homemade classic shirt dress. A classic mens dress shirt would be the base of my dress.

Homemade classic shirt dress Homemade classic shirt dress

Er is ook een Nederlandse versie. Deze vind je aan het eind van de Engelse tekst.


KNIPmode kokerrok augustus 2016 model 13

Our youngest daughter wanted a new pencil skirt. She wears pencil skirts at work. I made this one for her and also this one but this time she wanted a more stylish looking skirt. KNIPmode showt this model in augustus 2016 edition. This pencil skirt has two triangel shaped panels. Both triangel shaped panels give the pencil skirt an asymmetrical look. The figure darts in the front are moved to these triangel shaped panels. The figure darts of the back pattern are moved to the side seams. This pencil skirt comes with a slit at the back. I bought some beautiful dark grey light weight Ponti di Rome to make this KNIPmode kokerrok augustus 2016 model 13. This type of fabric has just enough stretch to give this skirt a comfortable fit and makes it easy two wear.

KNIPmode kokerrok augustus 2016 model 13 KNIPmode kokerrok augustus 2016 model 13


10 afgeronde naaiprojecten voor 1 januari 2017

10 afgeronde naaiprojecten voor 1 januari 2017 – het begin

10 afgeronde naaiprojecten voor 1 januari 2017 begon voor mij op 20 november. Ik heb een stoffenvoorraad die ook nog aangevuld is met afgedankte kleding. Uitdagingen om beide te verwerken zijn dan ook erg welkom. Het verhaal op dit blog bood mij weer eens een goede motivatie om de laatste 6 weken van 2016 met deze uitdaging te vullen. Sinds een paar jaar maak ik altijd het een en ander voor Sinterklaas. De belofte aan mijn echtgenoot om voor hem weer een paar T-shirts te maken stond ook nog. Ik had dus wel een paar naaiprojecten staan waar ik deze 10 afgeronde naaiprojecten voor 1 januari 2017 uitdaging mee kon invullen.

10 afgeronde naaiprojecten voor 1 januari 2017

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Personalised College Scarf

Personalised College Scarf – the history

Personalised College Scarf takes me back to my school days. When I went to high school it was fashion to wear a college scarf. Even in those days I loved wearing a classic non fashion style of clothes. I didn’t wear many grey pleated skirts but instead I was wearing jeans combined with beautiful stylish Kerko dress shirts and lovely soft pink and blue cardigans. I even had a dark blue double breasted college coat. A college scarf was perfect to finish this look. These type of scarfs are made of wool and still available. Many years ago I bought a brown-camel version (which you can on the IG-image) for my husband to wear it together with his suede jacket. The one I had is gone.

Personalised College Scarf Personalised College Scarf


Sewing Massimo Dutti Overhemd

Sewing Massimo Dutti Overhemd – the pattern

Sewing Massimo Dutti Overhemd is made of a pattern that can be found in the first Dutch edition of the Spanish Patrones. It’s called Fashion Style and I showed it a while ago in this blogpost. The overhemd is described as a Japanese Styled dress shirt with dropped shoulder line, batwing short sleeves, added sleeves to make long sleeves and a Mao collar. I’ve made one alteration. The pattern has a straight front placket which seemed to be a bit odd in my opinion because the finished version has a kind of V-shaped neckline. I drafted a front placket that follows that shape. It was added to the front pattern while cutting and also cut twice to make the front placket for the buttonholes on the right side and for the buttons on the left side. My version of the Massimo Dutti Overhemd is made in size 38.

Sewing Massimo Dutti Overhemd Sewing Massimo Dutti Overhemd


Crewneck Sweater Burda 11_2015 112

Crewneck Sweater Burda 11_2015 112 – the crewneck sweater

Crewneck Sweater Burda 11_2015 112 is made of black fabric with velvet polkadots from my stash. I bought this fabric last year while I was in The Hague together with our eldest daughter. It will be Christmas within four weeks and I wanted to make something to wear on Boxing day. The dress for the first Christmas day is already hanging in my closet. Boxing day asks for a more comfortable wear and I decided that I wanted to make a top that I could wear with the trousers I had made at the beginning of this year. I also made a skirt of the same fabric so I can choose that day if I want to wear trousers or a skirt.

Crewneck Sweater Burda 11_2015 112 Crewneck Sweater Burda 11_2015 112

LMV Aster Trui

LMV Aster Trui – the pattern

LMV Aster Trui is a pattern from LMV 3-2016. A while ago I made the LMV Martini dress. One of the most popular patterns if not the most popular is the Aster Trui. LMV Aster Trui is a comfortable sweater that is easy peasy to sew. A great pattern for a beginner. The neckline with the collar is the interesting part of this pattern and the eyecatcher of the LMV Aster Trui. For that reason I decided to make one. The finishing of the neckline is the stumbling block of this pattern. There’s much written about the finishing of the neckline and what could be the best way to make it. In addition there’s also to the limited length of the body and the sleeves. Most sewers have lengthen the body. I decided to play with the pattern.

LMV Aster Trui LMV Aster Trui


LMV Martini Dress

LMV Martini Dress – the pattern

LMV Martini Dress is made of a La Maison Victor pattern. I bought the pattern while we were buying fabric for the two male chino’s at Textielstad. The Martini Dress is a pattern from the first LMV magazine. The dress has a symmetrical look created by the V-shaped neckline placed at the left front and the different shapes of the front panels. At the time this first edition was released I hadn’t made the decision to sew all my clothes so buying sewing magazines wasn’t one of my interests. Half a year later I started making my clothes and while I was looking on the internet for inspiration I came across the Marini Dress. Although I’m not a frequently dress wearer I love LBD. I’ve made this one almost a year ago. A LBD is a type of dress that is perfect for dinner party’s, social drinks and other occasions.

LMV Martini Dress LMV Martini Dress

LMV Martini Dress – something about La Maison Victor

La Maison Victor is a sewing magazine based in Belgium and the patterns are designed by Belgian designers. It’s described as a contemporary magazine with stylish but easy to make patterns. All patterns are designed for size 34 to 54 and comes with good sewing instructions combined with illustrations. They also have online video’s. All pattern are marked with the level of difficulty by using houses as symbol. The magazine hasn’t only sewing patterns but also things to knit or crochet, refashion ideas, home furnishings and jewellery.

LMV Martini Dress LMV Martini Dress


Feminien Coin Pocket Jeans Chino

Feminien Coin Pocket Jeans Chino – the pattern

Feminien Coin Pocket Jeans Chino is made of KNIPmode pattern 2016-08-18. In this August edition the magazine had a couple of patterns inspired on men clothes. The pattern collection is called ‘O Boy!’. I’m a great fan of jeans styled trousers and after making the two male chino’s I decided to make this feminien version for myself of this trousers style. I had some light weight denim fabric in my stash that would be perfect for this make. While I was sewing the T-shirts and boxershorts for my husband I saw a man wearing a chino with a coin pocket and I decided to add this my version. I started with size 34. The toile version I made was to big. After some alterations I had a pattern made to my measurements.

Feminien Coin Pocket Jeans Chino Feminien Coin Pocket Jeans Chino