LMV Aster Trui – the pattern

LMV Aster Trui is a pattern from LMV 3-2016. A while ago I made the LMV Martini dress. One of the most popular patterns if not the most popular is the Aster Trui. LMV Aster Trui is a comfortable sweater that is easy peasy to sew. A great pattern for a beginner. The neckline with the collar is the interesting part of this pattern and the eyecatcher of the LMV Aster Trui. For that reason I decided to make one. The finishing of the neckline is the stumbling block of this pattern. There’s much written about the finishing of the neckline and what could be the best way to make it. In addition there’s also to the limited length of the body and the sleeves. Most sewers have lengthen the body. I decided to play with the pattern.

LMV Aster Trui LMV Aster Trui