I’ve a few new sewing projects but also some sewing techniques on a ‘I want to make/do list’. So now and then I sew soft toys like a sloth, pig, fox and a rag doll.
Until now all these soft toys weren’t able to move their arms or legs. So on my sewing techniques list was exploring how this can be done. 
A while ago I saw this Sew Magazine Clementine Cat. This cat has visible buttons joints for arms and legs. Perfect item for my technique project.

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat Doll well-dressed pattern and materials

The pattern to make this cat is available for free on the Sew Magazine website. The sewing instructies can be found in Sew magazine 114. I used a discarded sweater that had also a kind of teddy fabric on the insides as well.

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

This teddy fabric is used for tummy and tail tip. A piece of leftover pink fleece for the inside ears and footpad, faux black leather for the nose and small buttons for the eyes.

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

Invisible Button joining Clementine Cat

I found two methodes on the internet. One can buy special so called animal joints but there’s is also a method to this with buttons. After reading some instructions I gave it a go. One evening later, lots of patience, using heavy duty sewing yarn and strong needle my cat was moving het limbs. 

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

My Sew Magazine Clementine Cat get well-dressed

This being my first attempt I’m very pleased with the result. My Clementine Cat has another body. Before sewing all parts together I found the body to short for head and legs. I drafted a longer body and also made the tummy a little bid rounder. In my opinion all components of the cat are now better in proportion.

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

In the next nummer Clementine returns wearing a dress. Ik decided to make a denim dress for her using a piece of leftover fabric from the Chambray Japanese cross back apron. Looking closely at the SewMag Clementine I saw my ears aren’t placed like they should.

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

Time and Costs

Time for Clementine Cat: cutting 30 minutes; drafting new body parts 15 minutes; basting, stitching, stuffing and finishing 10 hours
Time for denim dress: cutting 30 minutes; basting, stitching and finishing 4 hours
Costs: pattern printing € 0,15; stuffing material € 5,00; yarn € 2,00; all other materials are leftovers or came from discarded clothes

Sew Magazine Clementine Cat well-dressed

What’s next

Weather is slowly changing. Despite the sunny days we still are having days are getting shorter and temperatures are slowly dropping. Time to a take a look at my wardrobe for the two coming Seasons. One thing I’ve learned from my participation in MMM2018 was missing cardigans. Time to tackle this first.

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  1. Thank you. I also like trying new techniques to get a better fit or a great detail.

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