My February item for the Let’s Stick Together monthly challenge are potholders. We painted the kitchen during our Christmas holidays so a new set of potholders would be very welcome. I never made potholders. The potholders aren’t the only kitchen textiel items that came from under my sewing machine. I started looking for leftover fabrics to make them and found a large piece of red/white gingham. We have a red roller blind in our kitchen and this red/white gingham was the perfect match. You want to know what I made besides the red/white gingham pot

holders? Keep reading and find you more about my homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel items.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel – potholders

I started making two potholders using the red/white gingham. The first step was quilting the Thermolam between two pieces of red/white gingham. Also something I’ve never done. A search on the internet learned me that you use a larger stitch length and 3.5 was what I used. After the quilting was done the bias band was made of some leftover red fabric. I cut three round corners and started stitching the bias band from the corner over the three round corners back to the corner again, sewing over the start and leaving 8 centimeters of bias band hanging over.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

This over hanging piece of bias band is used to make hanging loop. The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to make a separate loop, the loop is fixed better and you don’t have to join the bias band. The second set of two is made of a different red check fabric and the other side is dark blue.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel – lined egg basket

The homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel also has a lined egg basket besides the four potholders. This iron plant basket was gift with some blue grape hyacinths. I really liked the basket and after the flowers were gone I decided to keep the plant basket.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

This plant basket became our egg basket and a napkin protected the fragile egg shells. Now it was to turn the iron plant basket with a napkin into a pretty lined egg basket using the same red/white gingham and red fabric. The pattern was made in 30 minutes and two hours later my lined egg basket was ready.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel – lined fruit basket

We used to have a large fruit basket made of glass when our two daughters were still at home. A few years ago this iron basket was a plant basket too. Another gift this time hyacinths. I decided to make a lining for the basket too to finish my homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel scheme. This soup bowl cozy tutorial was used to make my lined fruit basket. I didn’t used the cotton batting because I only wanted to make a lining for my basket. The pattern was altered to fit my basket and after some sewing this project was also finished.

homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel 

Time and Costs

potholders: cutting potholders and bias band 60 minutes, quilten 45 minutes, stitching and finishing 6 hours
egg basket: pattern making 30 minutes, stitching and finishing 2 hours
fruit basket: pattern making 15 minutes, stitching and finishing 3 hours
all used fabrics were leftovers
potholders: Thermolam € 1,75, yarn € 1,50
egg basket and fruit basket: yarn € 2,00

4 comments on “homemade red/white gingham kitchen textiel ”

  1. Thank you so much Sue. Potholders are indeed great to have and use in the kitchen and the red gingham is such a beautiful design to use for kitchen textiel.

  2. What a great use of your gorgeous gingham! I think that potholders are such an essential kitchen requirement, so these are fabulous.

  3. Thank you Diane. It was a joy to make them and although it sounds strange I learned a few more things like quilting.

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